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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And It's a Hail Mary Pass for the WIN, Sports Fans!

Looks like I have a new job. :)

I just need my references to say I'm simply incredible, and then I'm in like a dirty shirt!

And that would mean I've gotten a job NINE DAYS after getting laid off. STICK THAT IN YER PIPE AND SMOKE IT, BUDDY BOY!


When I applied at my film job that I was at the last seven years, I'd put out THREE resumes for three jobs and was hired for two of 'em. That I had to look as hard as I did last year for work was a crushing blow to my ego -- especially when I wound up with a job I fucking hated from the get-go.

THIS job will be FUN all hours, every day, 'cos it's with kids!

And it took me nine days!

Tee hee. Just what I needed to get more of in my diet: PUFFERY.

As opposed to puffed pastry. ;)