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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day The Third

Welp, I'm three days into the new job, and I'm liking it. Holy learning curve, Batman. And it turns out I'm the office manager, not just an administrator. There's an office assistant and she's been there longer than me. But I'm the manager. COOL. That's wicked cool.

It's really cool being in close proximity with kiddies and parents, though. I'm a natural with kids and great with parents, so it's like returning to my roots. I managed a toy store for a couple years, so I used to be terrific in that capacity, and it's just a matter of firing the old synapses again.

I think it'll be good for the writing thing, too, but right now I'm a little overwhelmed and need to reestablish my place in the world, creatively and otherwise. I will. I always do. (It's nice that I'm beginning to get confident about that. This recent "laid off and had a new job in nine days!" accomplishment certainly didn't hurt with the "wow, I reestablish okay" epiphany.)

The job's very public. Talking more with people will give me good fodder for writing. I could've written earlier today after a farewell luncheon as I had a million thoughts rushing through my head, but hey.

By the end of the week, I'll be more comfortable. In a month, I'll be a pro. They claim there's a one-year learning curve, but I doubt it'll be that harsh. Instead, I look at every job as always being on a learning curve. You always have new conundrums that need solving, situations that are entirely unique on a day-to-day basis. No one's ever going to know everything, but you can certainly learn processes for simplifying some of the situations that will likely have factors in common with other happenstances. So, you roll with it.

And, hey, I roll well.

So, anyhow. Life is going well. Money's going to be tight for a while because of how they stagger cheques, so I'll be hurting somewhat until the 15th of next month, but I'll figure it out. Don't I always? I tell ya, if I weren't as resourceful as I be, I'd be one troubled duckling.

Fortunately, resourcefullness is all it's quacked up to be. ;)

I have to get writing for the sex blog again. I had my highest hits total since, what, last August or so the other day? About 2,000, which means I'm back on track with my old URL, and that means I'm back on track towards my goals, too. Over the next week or so, I'll get a lot tied up with the blog, and I'll be down to only needing to maintain postings and finally get a fucking podcast on the go. OBVIOUSLY the podcast went right out the window when shit came down before Christmas -- Dad got sick, the season loomed, hours went nuts, I was worried about money, I had bad mojo after losing the job I thought was a lock, I had lay-off looming, blah, blah, blah! If there's one thing I can't do, it's PRETEND I'm happy or that I have energy, and recording the podcast became virtually impossible.

But the best thing about this job? Built-in time management! When I had a flex schedule for, oh, say SEVEN years, I became impossibly scattered. Time was my enemy.

Now, I'm fuckin' home, in the house, warmed up, in my lazy clothes, refreshed, and more, and it's not even 6pm! Holy SHIT. Beats the hell out of slacking off around the house for 2.5 hours after waking at 8:30 and not getting home until 9pm. Yeesh!

Maybe I'll start getting more done! Actually, no "maybe" about it.

Either way, that's all the news fit to print. I'm rocking the new job and looking forwards to seeing how it cleans up some of the messes in other parts of my life. I forgot how good I am with the public, how well I connect. It's really fucking nice to be reminded of that. :)