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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sickies of the world, unite!

God. Am I ever stiff.

I've slept 24 of the last 34 hours. I feel a lot better but we'll see if it holds up. I'm still tired, so a vat of coffee will kick me in the ass good. There's a big meeting thing at work and they could really use my help before the fact and during, I suspect. The worst case scenario is that I can always come home later if need be.

But I hope I've kicked the worst of this thing. I hate sickness, but I like kicking its ass if I'm only sick for a day.

And, hey, I have chicken soup to eat at work. Not too shabby.

Now I have to go lie on the floor and see if I can loosen up this goddamned back of mine. Holy stiffness, batman. Yeesh. What, have I spent a day in bed or something? Good god. :P