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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mellow Content Steff

(In case it's not obvious, I had fun writing this. This is the first fun writing has been for a while. Nice feeling. I got enough jobs, right? Fun = Good!)

It is, in a word, nipply.

A shiver-brr-brr's goin' on out there. Jeepers creepers, it be autumn, boys and girls.

There's a Mexican restaurant new in the 'hood. Started about a year ago. It's really taken off, and I've only ever had walk-out tacos from there. You might've heard about 'em in the news. Ma'n'pa establishment with old-school Mexicali talent, advertising "Taco Tuesdays!" Well, the big-bad-buggers from Taco Time heard tell of 'em and slapped 'em with a cease-and-desist order. Fuckers.

Anyhow, because they're neighbours and can use our financial help, we're thinking we ought to have a Mexican night now and then, Gayboy and me. I was thinking how nice that'd be on a shitty windy, stormy (but secretly delightful) night like tonight. Wander up in the bitter rain. Sit down, some margaritas and traditional Mexican shack decor. Perfect winter antidote. The tequila doesn't hurt.

Winter's coming up, and I get much more local. I walk to the store and all. We have a nice fine foods shop in the 'hood, too, so it does the trick. I love summer because I get out more. I love winter 'cos it's an excuse to stay in and cuddle up. I cuddle up solo, too. I have a Vellux blanket. The kind the hotels like. Fuzzy, feels safe. Highly flammable. Snicker. "But it feels so fuzzy... I just wanted to lie by the fire..."

Shit, man. Blankets like these should come with a warning label. "Deceptive practices at work; falsely induces sense of comfortable invincibility. Stay the fuck away from flames."

It's a good thing I have no fireplace.

Well, that's all I g--

Whoa! Nope! Rockstar: Lukas! The first time I predicted a winner, I said Lukas -- by, like, episode 3, I'm sure. DITTO with last year. I should be a casting director. I smell talent like a fart in the car.

I hope he expands his vocal approach a bit, but I think he's gonna be a megastar. Charisma out the wazoo. Canuck, of course. Because we FUCKING ROCK. All right? Have we ATONED for Brian Adams yet? We will never, ever be able to atone for Celine Dion, though, so I'm just not even gonna go there. Mariah Carey. There, take that.

Let's just change the name of the show right here and now, all right?

CANUCKSTAR. Canucks two years in a row deemed as the rockingest rocker. Coincidence? No, I think not.

Yep. It's the beer. I raise my Keiths to you. (I actually have one right this very second. Residuals from dinner. It's really more of a wine night, though, now.)