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Friday, September 15, 2006

I Think the Pope is a Dick

I'm getting increasingly pissed off at everyone who seems to think that terrorists are Muslims. They're about as fucking Muslim as David Koresh was Christian, all right? They're as fucking Muslim as Warren Steed Jeffs is Christian.

They are extremists who use a religion as a way of justifying their unjustifiable actions.

It's bullshit. They are NOT to be held as examples of what the Islamic faith is. I presently work for Muslims and have worked for them in the past. They are, to a man/woman/child, some of the kindest, most giving, most open people I have known. It has been a privilege to know each of them. They do not preach to me. They do not judge me. They are generous. They practice what they believe, and they tolerate and understand what I believe.

I know no militant Muslims. I know no angry, violent Muslims. But I know broken-hearted ones, because they're constantly being portrayed by an unforgiving media as all being in the same class as those fuckwit assholes who are intent on spreading their message through terror and fear and bloodshed.

What do I think? I think the Catholic Church should clean up its own goddamned house before it points fingers at others.

This coming from a formerly Catholic girl who's outraged at the shit that still goes on in that faith. I won't even get into the bullshit I've seen go down in the Church that they've just fucking waved off.

Islam has flaws. All organized faiths do. Its people, though, are largely kind, giving, moral, and seldom (in my experience) hypocritical. They deserve better.

Fuck the Pope and his insensitive musings. Sanctimony's unattractive, and it's a pity "the Church" is so often cloaked in it.