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Saturday, September 16, 2006

musings about food (again)

it feels like a lazy saturday, but it's not. i don't really have the time to get out much, and i've thus far accomplished a fair bit -- cleaned up my shithole (sigh, the bane of my existence: tidiness) and got groceries (a 3-lb uruguayan ribeye roast) and i'm making chicken stock (organic backs and necks and the carcass from the roast last week, so fresh and roasted bird) and i've taught a kid for an hour, and it's only 2pm.

i'm going to have another glass of water, then settle into podcasting -- a mix of editing and recording.

tonight is a laser show with new friends. pink floyd, either the wall or dark side of the moon, and i'm not sure which it is. i'll have to go out at 9:30, so i have a few hours left. i'm now hoping to become more social -- tonight's the first night of it -- and the plan is, go out more often, but for shorter periods. an hour or three is enough, and it'll recharge me so i'm feeling more creative.

ah, it's all part of the master plan. yawn. it's been a long week. i'm glad to be getting things done. i'm making stock today so i can make soup tomorrow. this'll be 15 cups of good stock, and now i need to think of just which soup i'm craving. i'm debating making a small batch of french onion, but it'd mean buying some rye (i've got french-canadian blood, all right? appeasing both halves of my heritage). there's white bean soup that appeals, and another part of me wants comfort food: chicken soup'n'homemade dumplings like my mama used to make. dumplings ROCK.

chicken corn chowder was suggested the other day -- certainly the time of year for it. maybe a bit of that, too. i'll also have ribeye roast for eating all week. i see tacos and shepherds pie and sandwiches with nice mustard in my future. so a chicken soup with a nice beef sammy. tough call. now the c.c. chowder sounds very appropriate.

i'll have more free time this week, and better food, and less need to spend dough as a result of all this cooking this weekend. balance, i guess. work now, less need to do so later.

i think my stock needs me to visit. but this is what i love about fall: casseroles. making big batches of food and relaxing more. i've never been the type to do roasts on the weekend and live off of it, but i tell you, i'm really seeing the fucking light. i've had an awesome food week as a result of this, so i like the new lifestyle. abundant living, indeed.

i still have pocky left from thursday, from a single pack. this is nothing short of miraculous. and a whole dark chocolate bar. what's wrong with me? weird. must have p-o-c-k-y...