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Friday, July 14, 2006

That's what was missing!

A new war in the Middle East! I knew something was missing!

So, um, we have North Korea sending off nukes, and a volley of promising warfare between the Israelis and the Lebanese. Great.

I'm getting a little nervous about the latter. This could have some bad potential if the US wades into this shit. Let 'em fight it the fuck out. I don't think these religion-based (essentially) wars deserve outside assistance. It's fucked up.

I've been asking around a little and most people I know are having shit summers. What the hell is in the water, huh? It's probably some evil invasion of alien types who are fucking with our minds before they start making us do party tricks under hypnosis. "Look at this one, she can twirl a baton and light a candle at the same time! Fabulous!"

All that aside, things are looking up a bit for me. This job I got, then lost, and since then have been re-offered? I'm enjoying it! I like them, and the work is growing on me. It's actually only about 25% accounting. It's just that the fuckwit before me didn't know a goddamned thing about efficiency.

Work smarter, not harder.

My fuckin' MANTRA, man. Be efficient! Then have quality slacker time! This guy got caught watching movies while filing. He said, "Oh, I could email people, but I'm a people person, I like the phone." Oh, well, I'm a pragmatic moneysaver and I like to get my shit done, not waste it on fucking hold, thanks. Instead of mailing a gov't form in a week early, he'd leave it till the last day so he could spend 45 minutes going to the bank. Jesus Christ!

And the FILES! OH MY GOD. None are organized! None alphabetical! No rhyme! No reason! It's like, I don't fucking know... It's like Picasso's filing cabinet. The accounting is prehistoric. They've had Simply Accounting in the filing cabinet for four months. I installed it in my first hour.

Jesus fucking Christ. No wonder I hated the job that first day. Now I like it, 'cos I've taken ownership. I got to write a report today. Whee! And they loved it. We had a meeting, and I did a report with research on the competition, without being asked. Dude, he'd take notes of the meeting on paper and stuff it in the cabinet. Me, I turn it into 2,500 words and a couple hours of research. Yeah, who do they love?

And I think I could get a 30% raise by year's end. So. I'll take a gamble and stay. Two weeks at my old job, and then I come back. Ah, what the hell. For a while.

So I fazed out for five minutes and listened to Stevie Ray Vaughn's The Sky is Crying. The good thing about the blues are, you know they been there too. Stevie Ray... like whoever it is says, "Stevie Ray Vaughn dies in a crash, and we can't even get Britney Spears on a helicopter?" Cruel fucking world.

I have a good weekend planned, I think. Teaching the brother to cook, breakfast with a friend, a good time earlier tonight, and drinks with someone Sunday. Full plate. Between that, some cycling (across town to bro's then home in the morning, debauchery between) and some housecleaning. By next weekend, my room will be clean and conjured into a makeshift radio studio. Coolies. :)