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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Because I Can

I'm going to be trying to post either here or on the Cunt every day for the next while. I need an outlet. I feel like I've been bottling up for a while, and in the topsy-turvy world I find myself in, well, something's better than nothing, and this is cheaper than therapy.

In the continuing chaos of my week, the job I got, then lost, has said they've found new contracts, have been hustling, and really, really don't want to lose me, and are offering me full-time permanent work after my two weeks at my old job ends. How fucked up is all this, eh? (August 1st.)

I've told them I will take it, if nothing else comes along, but that having that happen in my first 48 hours with them does not inspire confidence, nor loyalty. Hey, I'm honest. I told them I like them, and I do, and the more I see of their operations, the more I realize how much they need someone like me. I suspect my wage would go up quickly. I'm indispensible, really, once I get going.

(The guy who preceded me was a fucking joke. Finances? Laughable. Filing? Not even alphabetical! Organization? Putting papers in piles and labellign them doesn't constitute organization. I always thought I was weak organizationally, but I've clearly been comparing myself to Martha Stewart, because this dude was a fucking catastrophe! And getting paid $10K more than me, and getting $160 in parking paid per month. Methinks I have bargaining chips.)

Truth be told, I want a film job, now that someone's gone and dangled that carrot before me. The film industry's so fucking cool. It just is. I don't care about stars and action and shit, I just love the beehive of activity. I wanna be there, in the eye of that storm, you know? The start-to-finish of these monster projects. Wickid.

Anyhow, whatever. Looks like I have rent paid for this month and likely right up to September now.

Someone has emailed me offering me $500 to be in a one-day porn shoot. Uh-huh. Yeah. I may need money, and I may like getting laid, but I don't fucking think so! "It'll be tasteful, and local!" Fuck off. It'll wind up haunting me 10 or 15 years from now as I finally get to a good place in life. Know why I have no regrets? BECAUSE I USE MY FUCKING HEAD THE FIRST TIME AROUND! Jesus CHRIST.

Ahem. ;)

It's official, I get my scooter looked at tomorrow, but I'm hesitant to take it to the one place I know should look at it, 'cos they've been causing me grief. I need a new distributor cap. It keeps slipping off. The spark plug's finally good -- it needed a new one, and someone who can torque a fucking wrench, apparently.

I was riding to work and the cap slipped off TWICE in one ride! And ONCE on the near-suicidal Cambie Street bridge! I had to pull the fuck off and HOPE I could get to the painted triangle between the two off-ramps before someone hit me. Holy precarious start to my day! This time the cap clicked on, and I was all right. Guess I didn't do a good job the first time.

So, tomorrow, I visit the mechanic.

And GayBoy needs help with his resume. Just what I wanna fuckin' see, another resume! But he's gonna drink me up good.

I found out that I can get: Walk the Line, Capote, and Goodnight and Good Luck for a whopping $20 TOTAL on DVD. Holy shit! I dunno if I should spend the cash, I want them all!

Anyhow. I kept my shit together long enough to see the other side of the storm this week. A reader and some of his friends took me out for dinner and beers tonight, and that was good. Weird, but good. Strange, meeting people who know you as a persona. Hope I fit the bill.

Another reader's offered me beers, too, so I'm to meet him Sunday, methinks, and that, too, is weird. He's my age and newly single, so that's odd, but I suspect we'll just be friends anyhow. Doesn't seem my type. I'm looking for kindred spirits, though, people who get me, so it's nice to meet people who are into my writing and stuff. It's flattering, it's interesting, it's cool.

As long as it's not someone like the guy I met in February who thought he had a romantic chance with me, and was disgruntled that I wasn't interested. Kinda soured me on meeting readers, so tonight was a pleasant departure.

And shit, the Guinness hit the spot after my week. Yippy-kay-yay. :)