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Monday, July 10, 2006

Back to the Motherfucking Grind

The job I got? They lost their biggest client. I'm down to a day a week at the end of this week. Fucking hell.

Another guy's still considering me, and I had a very interesting interview tonight. The guy brought me in on the pretense of talking to me about the reception job I'd applied for but said my resume was far too good, and he remembered me from my days at my old company, which had done services for them and which he had booked through me, and told me he thought I would be an awesome production coordinator in the film industry. Now he's gonna see if he can land me a position doing just that.

So, I should be despondent about the job thing. Depressed, absofuckinglutely, but I still, for some fucking reason, believe in myself despite all the shit coming down on me this week.

Still, a good cry's probably in order sometime later. I just thought I was getting past things and it'd be all right now. I'm tired of this constance of one thing after another. I deserve rest. I deserve accomplishment. It's not like I'm not fighting for it. I'm fighting hard, man.

I'd slowed down the job search to a crawl for these guys, and now here I am, fucked again. I've spent the last 90 minutes feverishly sending out resumes and stuff for anything under the sun again.

Tell you one thing, having someone in my corner who thinks I would be amazing as a production coordinator feels fucking awesome. A production coordinator is the person who makes sure that all the various areas of the film shoot are getting their shit together and are working sympatico. You need to be a problem-solver, creative, systems-focused, and you need to think fast on your feet. Communication MUST be your strong suit, and you've got to be assertive and capable of training people. It's one of the most important jobs on the film, and it's a demanding one.

And I would fucking rock.

I've thought about doing it in the past, but it's one of those "I don't know anyone!" scenarios, and there's a whole lotta nepotism and fraternizing goin' on in the flick sticks, man.

I've been encouraged to virgorously pursue this guy as he awaits a response as to whether the project he has me in mind for is greenlighted. Otherwise, he says he knows people.

You have those moments, sometimes, when you really bloody know you've connected with someone. We connected. It was one of those great, casual conversations where everything ebbs and flows in all the right ways.

Anyhow. Fucking day.