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Monday, July 10, 2006

A Tip: The Roach-Saver

Always wondering where to put the roach of the joint you've just smoked, as you're rushing into the theatre downtown?

Wonder no more! For the low, low price, of $1.29, you, too, can solve your roach woes!

Our scientists have laboured long and, indeed, hard, in order to bring you this revolutionary new technology. We like to call it "the empty gum cell."

Yes, you heard it here. The empty gum cell is where to slip that roach. It'll stay intact until late that night, when you get home and decide it's wise to have just another toke... or two and watch that late night "retro" rerun: CHiPs.

I always like Jon more than Ponch, but now I think he looks too girlie-man, and since then, Ponch (Eric Estrada) has swallowed his pride enough to be the absolutely moronic Marco "That Mailbox Head" on Sealab 2021, and that totally rocks. What in the hell has Jon given us? Nothing. So, there.

Disgression. Anyhow, perhaps I'm not some genius for thinking of the gum-cell thingie, but I was pretty bloody thrilled to have thought of it. At my present rate of income, every little bit helps. ;)