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Sunday, July 16, 2006

movie day

so there's a new theatre in town i've yet to visit. the vancity theatre is supposed to be pretty nice, if you can believe them as the source. it's under my friend's lover's $325,000 600 square foot apartment, so "prestige" is probably the watch word.

this week is terrence malick week, though. i'm thinking this is a good reason to go. i like seeing the movies people consider to be the ones to see. it's good to have an understanding of film history. there's this great book i recommend to any movie buff, "easy riders, raging bulls" about the '70s independent film era. i enjoyed it.

so, tuesday they have Days of Heaven and Badlands playing.

i'm not much of a mallick fan, though. i think that if you stack the pompous Thin Red Line next to Platoon, Platoon's gonna win any day of the week and twice on sundays. that's what i think. i think terrence mallick is one of these "artists" who's so aware of his brilliance that his awareness winds up diminishing his ability to be natural. his films, in my limited experience, are the cinematic equivalent to one of those show homes that's so beautiful you can't stand to be inside it.


don't let me make you think i've closed my mind off to him. heh. yeah, he's like j.d. salinger meets one of those showhomes. that's terrence mallick in a nutshell. still, i think i'm being harsh and would like to give the old bastard one last kick at the can, and figure where better to do it than in a crowd of people who are probably devotees? either way, i learn how i feel -- either they nauseate me into exasperation, or their reverence inspires devotion from me. probably the former, though. still, what the hell? probably beats the shit out of most of what's playing now. i just want to see if this guy really deserves this place of eminence that appears to be perma-reserved for him in the hall of greatness.

i digress.

watching Walk the Line and boy are my wheels spinning. got me thinking, is all. did the same thing to me last time, too. what a fascinating life.

a reader donated me $20 to go DVD shopping. got Capote, Good Night & Good Luck, and Walk the Line. thank you, reader. i'll have you know, i always keep the promise. when they say, "go get a bottle of wine" or "go buy a DVD," i do. i figure they had designs on it, and it's the least i can do. hell, i'm just happy for the thought, really.

my house is much cleaner. but i mussied it up a smidge in the kitchen. the devil told me to make oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, and so i did. that devil's a really crafty bugger. manipulative, you could say. but i felt inspired, and the cookies are phenomenal. pity i'm out of milk.


bed beckons early tonight. long, long week has passed, and another looms.