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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Getting Shit Done

How fucking dull! I hate piddling around on my computer. Boy, do I.

I still don't have the kinds of programs I need in order to do desktop publishing so I can create a new banner for my new blog I need to create for my podcast, but perhaps I can at least get that going. Can I even begin to tell you how much I hate fucking around with code? Can I? No, the words escape me entirely.

Still, I've reinstalled Windows (after forgetting to backup my emails. Sigh) and now the sound issues I've been having have gone far, far away. We're back to proper audio. I'm a couple cables short, it seems, for podcasting needs, and I'll have to continue investigating that tonight. I have, however, downloaded the most recommended of podcasting software (Audacity), which looks more user-friendly than the Goldwave 5.1, which the x-Guy acquired for me back when we were going out.

I've set up a Feedburner account, for when I begin the podcasts, so there's a port for my needy listeners to download through, since Blogger offers no real support features that way.

I feel like the ball has begun rolling, at the very least, but now I'm starting to burn out for the day. I'm going to soon call it quits and move on to watching telly and perhaps taking a walk or something. A shower would be good, too.

In the meantime, I need to trashtalk Meinhardt's Gourmet Foods for a moment. Stupidly, I bought one of their "Gourmet bacon & beef burger" patties sold in their deli counter yesterday, took it home, cooked it up, and was fucking astounded at just how underwhelming the experience was. Gourmet? According to whom? According to what standards? Is it the lack of flavour that makes it gourmet? The too-lean meat that makes it gourmet? What the fuck, is what I'm really asking. What the fuck? Who are they kidding? You want gourmet? Sit your fat ass down at my counter, my friends, and I'll feed you a fucking gourmet burger.

So, I'm having burgers tonight. Real fuckin' burgers. Burgers with juicy goodness and fat and cheese and caramelized onions and a hamsteak and all the things a burger oughta come with -- oh, and flavour. It will have oodles and oodles of flavour.

Fuck Meinhardts and all the yuppies that keep that overrated fucking financial blackhole operating. I've no idea what the hell I was thinking there -- I'm so duped, man!

Anyhow, rant aside, I'm really happy I've solved one of my problems. I'm glad I have a better perception of where exactly I stand now. By the end of this week, I hope to be at the preliminary recording stage with the podcasts. Then, I start calling in favours and getting a little professionalism going with what the sounds are like.

If any of my readers are musicians and wants to feed me some kinda sexy music for a theme song (keeping in mind I'm an indie-music fan with a fondness for guitars), you'll get credit on my site and on the podcast itself for your labours if you provide me with an MP3!

(And remember, it's not just through my site that my podcast will be heard, but also on, where it will be a featured event on their calendar of events. That's two audiences for your tunes!)

Depress-o-meter: Ah, let's say I'm a four out of 10, with 10 blowing. I'm getting shit done, and that's awesome. I've noticed that both yesterday and today are the first times in a really long time that I've been productive the moment I rolled out of bed. Weird. Fucking weird, is what that is, but a welcome change. The anti-depressants seem to make me better able to cope with obligations. I'll take that, man, at the very least.

(Oh, and new addiction: The "StumbleUpon" extension to Firefox. Tres cool.)