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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Quickie Post

I'm enjoying my Boylan's Creme Soda before my 7pm student shows up. (Work, work, work.) In a good mood, as I own three new shirts (and am drinking cream soda) and still have a $50 credit so I can put that towards a swank (and desperately needed) new toaster oven, but this will be a convection toaster oven. Yeah, envy me, 'cos I fucking ROOL.

Okay, so I'm feeling somewhat parenthetical. (Deal.)

A reader of my other blog just sent me this joke and in keeping with the fact that I've smoked a few too many joints in my life, I had to laugh. It's just so typical. Enjoy. (Ahem, the writing sucked, so I've rewritten it, and you can feel free to hijack it and email it to others, if you're so inclined.)

Depress-o-meter: Probably around a 4. It's been a decent day. What can I say? And the doctor looms tomorrow, and I'm thrilled to finally get it over with.


A koala is sitting up in a gum tree, smoking a joint...

When a little lizard walks by, looks up, and says...

“Hey, Mr. Koala, whatcha doin’?”

The koala shrugs, looks at him, and says,
“Smoking some doobage.
Come on up and join me for a toke, brah!”

The lizard’s thrilled.
He climbs up, sits next to his buddy,
and they blaze a few fatties.
After a little while, the lizard complains
he’s got that dry cotton-mouth thing going on,
and is going for a drink in the river.

So, off he goes.
He leans off a little log, but is so stoned
that he’s staring into his reflection,
and gets disoriented, then falls in.

A crocodile has a chuckle
at the expense of the uncoordinated little lizard,
and swims on over, helps him back onto the log,
and says,

“What’s up with that? What’s the matter with you?”

The little lizard explains to the croc
that he was smoking joints up in the gum tree with Mr. Koala,
got way too baked on the chronic,
and slipped into the river when trying to hydrate.

The crocodile’s amused
that they’ve got a Chronic Koala in the ‘hood
and says he’s gonna go check it out.
He traipses through the forest, spots the doob-packing Koala,
who’s still puffing away.
He glances up and says, “Hey, Koala!”

Mr. Koala looks down, his eyes pop, and he goes,
“Shi-i-it, dude! How much friggin’ water did you drink?!”