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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Want My MotherFucking Sleep.

Oh, kill me now. Excessive insomnia of late. Fell asleep at about 3:45 am last night and have to head in to work shortly. Today will truly suck.

My job is NOT one that can be done well on auto-pilot. My files for review will have a note that reads "After three nights with a total of 12 hours sleep, my quality is dubious, my apologies."

Today, I resort to copious coffee.

Tonight, I resort to a sleeping pill.

Fuck. I hate insomnia. In about six hours, I'll be segueing into "cunt" mode.

I suspect it's a couple things -- I had a lot of back issues last week, my low back went out twice. Any time you have any sort of physical trauma, it leaches the calcium outta you. I don't get enough calcium anyhow, and I know that, in the past, too little calcium has caused me sleep issues. Like, massively.

I took a bunch of calcium late last night and have done so again today. I'll probably do the sleeping pill tonight 'cos one good night makes all the difference, right? Whoa. Sigh. UGH. I suspect the calcium would be enough to get me 6 hours sleep tonight, but that ain't enough at this point.

But most of the problem with the sleeplessness is that my anti-depressant was also a sleep-aid, so, for the first time in two years I'm sleeping without the chemical component, and my sleep schedule is just WHACK as a result of it.

It's been three weeks, I suspect another two and I'll be doing better. Just a matter of enduring it.

I'm happy with all the other changes in my system from getting off the mood drug -- and loving the writing I've been doing since, too -- so this is the price I pay. I'll sort it out. The longest I've done insomnia for is about a month, and I've survived. I'll get past this, too, and probably quite soon.

But, for now, I'll be pretty fucking grumpy about it. But that's insomnia for ya. You been WARNED.