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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Of Muffins and Mechanics.

I have 4.5 minutes before I need to fly the fuck out of here for what will be a long, insufferable, but ultimately very rewarding afternoon. I must jet 15 clicks one way on my bogged-fucking-slow scooter to get a chiropractic adjustment, then I must come home, pick up one dozen super-fattening peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies with which I'm paying off my mechanic for way under-priced repairs on my bike.

The kid's putting in a new cylinder head since he suspects that could be why my piston rings didn't hold their compression and my bike sucks ass going up hills now and taking off from a full stop. He's putting in new piston rings, new transmission rollers, and he'll do the standard tuning-up stuff...

...All for the low, low price of $60 -- including parts and labour. Insane, right? Maybe it's because I'm cute. I don't know. All I know is, I'm very grateful. I'm just exhausted today and a steady diet of peanut-butter muffins for brekkie is probably not helping.

I totally lost my compression within two weeks of the kid's work in February. It still has a crazy top speed of almost 75 clicks, the best since I've owned the bike, but it just lost all power until it hits 45 clicks (the threshold was 27kms, then power would surge, then it became 29clicks, then 32... etc... until now I need to hit that speed for the airflow to create enough compression for the engine to fire properly, is my understanding of how that works).

I suspect I didn't break it in gently. He suspects the cylinder head. Either way, I'm confident this will make my bike all-powerful and muchos fun.

I can't wait to feel like it's not a burden to go scooting around the city for kicks. I want to feel like taking the long way home and enjoying the ocean view after work. I want to feel like hopping on my scoot just to see the sunrise somewhere new.

Right now, I'm eager to get the fuck off of it ASAP as I'm always feeling like a victim on the verge, you know? Car drivers are impatient, and if you're taking off slow, it's just one more thing to be very, very concerned about.

Anyhow, that's 6.5 minutes, so I'm out of here. Since we're working outside on my bike, I'd like to extend a little prayer to the powers that be to hold off on the forecasted lightning. That'd be swell, thanks. Just don't cancel the lightning. 8:30 would be good. :) We loves the lightning! Just not keen on electrocution. Old-fashioned, I am.