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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morning Weirdness and a Picture

Here's another picture I've not posted, I don't think. It's the north end of Vancouver's Wreck Beach.

It's day, what, four of nine days off? The plans? More of nothing. Some cycling. Some cleaning. A big breakfast.

I've needed this. Slack and nothing. Good for me.

I'm going to wipe my camera of more pictures today or tomorrow. Some good stuff's on there, but not much.

They're playing the original Fame movie on tv. It's predictably average, but very entertaining. Perfect for a do-nothing week. I'm too lazy to even read, geez. I did cycle yesterday.

I also bought a pork rib steak yesterday. Surprisingly, I quite liked it! It was great. See, my mother was the pork-nuker. Every pork chop I'd ever had was dried out, tough, and seemed to be penance for my day. Oh, did she SUCK at pork!

But I'm apparently bang-on at barbecuing a good pork rib steak. :) And three nice-sized steaks for $5? Yeah. There's a budget treat.

Hey, what can I say, another scar of childhood has been overcome. Pork is all right. Who knew? Sorry, Mom, but you did suck at pork. If I had to choose between eating one of her pork steaks and getting 10 minutes to talk to her if I did, I'd probably order beef. It was that bad.

Ahh, childhood. It's better in the past. Once is enough for anyone. "No! Not the pork!"