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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Political Rant: Avert Your Eyes from the McCain Calamity

You gotta wonder if McCain secretly just wants to get a Democrat in the office, 'cos fucko's doing everything he can to lose this election, from this uninformed observer's perspective.

Reinstate offshore oil-drilling? Such a bad idea it took less than 24 hours for Bush to get on the bandwagon!

Never mind that Big Oil has land all over hell's half-acre they're not even drilling yet, nor that science is discovering underwater activity is having vast and as-yet-immeasurable impact on already fragile ecosystems, or that none of this would yield any results to soften the economic impact on a voting public (and could even harm the public should exploration and digging tie up B.O.'s moolah) for many, many years... and for potentially negligible, certainly unquantifiable gains...

It's just fucking missing the point entirely! The point is, GET OFF THE OIL. Use solar! Harness wind! Improve the hydrogen cell! Use wave energy! Use any of the other options out there, and make it part of our NEW way of life. Fuck oil! Fuck oil and the corporate fuckwits it rode in with, man.

I love it, though. I knew McCain would just shoot himself in the foot time and time again against Obama. It's like he's frightened of Obama or something, like he knows he doesn't have enough change to sell, and he knows he doesn't have any real lead to run with.

I don't know what's up there, but what a fucking bungled run for the White House. This thing's gonna go south in a hurry, much more than it already has, if this is the kind of campaign those dinosaurs think is going to win. If they keep this up, they won't even have to put a bow on the presidency for Obama, the gift'll be that generous.

God. Moron. I used to like McCain, too, before he started being the New Kerry and his fuckin' flip-floppin' like a fish out of water. Holy crap! Someone get that man some tap-dance shoes.

And, like he needed Bush sidling up and saying, "Eh, great idea, Johnny! Let's start drillin'!" I mean, Bush needs a job after Christmas, right? Fitting, first he launches a war to drive up the oil prices, and then he waits on someone, anyone, to finally suggest that offshore drilling needs to recur, and then he pounces -- perfect legacy for Bush's presidency, a final straw on the-best-presidency-ever for Big Oil.

There are weaknesses in Obama's campaign, but if McCain keeps running such an inconsistent, desperate campaign, there's no way they'll be able to capitalize.

I mean, McCain's new "Obama's a September 10th mentality man" argument is yet another dumb-ass move. Who had control of the country on September 10th, 2001? Right, Republicans. Hello? Asleep on the watch much, anybody?

After awhile, Obama will be able to do like Mohammad Ali did in the Rumble in the Jungle. When Foreman started to fall, instead of throwing another punch to ensure his success, he just got out of the way and let gravity finish it off.

Let McCain flail, throw some counter-punches, but mostly get outta the way. The guy's a fuckin' danger to himself at this point. Wow. I dunno, man. I don't see them figuring shit out very quickly. I suspect they'll tank another 5 to 7 points or so nationally in the coming weeks, a few more swing states truly will swing, and the campaign hatchet will fall, yielding a desperate retooling of their messagein the hopes of creating some interest and momentum before the RNC...

But good luck with that since the Dems will have theirs right before kids return to university, and the campuses will keep the momentum pulsing for a while, and their fuckin' nattering will spur middle-aged folks to vote just to shut their kids up. Awesome fun.

Fun summer. I tell ya, I almost have to look away from McCain these days... it's like driving past a car accident. Some things are just too ugly to take in.

Heh heh, but you know you look anyways. ;)