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Friday, March 14, 2008

Take THAT, Stubborn Screw!

Oh my god, I feel so butch! Ha! Awesome.

I've got this ugly fucking shelf that I want GONE. It's got ugly-ass cheap Ikea wooden brackets, and the thing's cemented in place with paint. It went up a long, long time ago, when just having a shelf was important, and the look didn't matter... Ugly. Ugly! The screws were all covered in paint and half-stripped. Well... two became completely stripped and buried in the wood. One I've managed to get out completely (and the screw was practically red-hot from friction by the time I got it out) and the other, with using four different drill bits and a lot of fucking force and even a hammer to hammer the drill bit in for grip, I've finally gotten 1/3 of an inch out... and now I'm gonna go buy a saw!

MY VISION WILL NOT BE COMPROMISED, you strippy little bitch of a screw! Whee. I'm gonna try to drive the severed bit of screw in a bit so I can patch it up, but hey. Feels good to problem-solve.

Assembling the Ikea furniture got pretty tricky yesterday, too, but I got it done. (The sidetables had to be mounted to the underside of the bed... Holy yogic contortioning, Batman.)

Oh, I cannot tell you how many new muscles I've discovered in my thighs and ass today. My god, I hurt something fierce! I must've been squatting far more than I realized, so now the deathly-tired exhaustion of the evening computes. Ow. I feel like I climbed 40 floors at the friggin high rise. Shit. Whew. Buns of steel, indeed. Another couple weeks and you'll be able to bounce friggin' quarters off it.

I'm looking forward to making this shelf my bitch later. But I'm about to head off and take a mental break from stuff for a couple hours before mechanic guy installs a drive belt for me. Then, to get paint and head back home to get shit started. This fucked shelf puts me behind a few hours, but it happens. If I can't start the trim till morning, then so be it. I'll live. It'll get done. Done, done, done.

10 minutes later: SAW? Who needs a saw! Finally I just broke the stupid screw off. Took 30 seconds. Crazy! There, saved myself more money. Beauty!