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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keepin' on Keepin' On

"'Alarming', you didn't put 'alarming'."
"It's an adjective, Sam. Lazy tool of a weak mind."
-Kevin Spacey replying to Hoffman in Outbreak

Ah, adjective. So often a victim.

Okay, I'm on glass the second of red wine. Marques de Riojas, a cheap Spanish that I'm liking nicely. 1996, $9.99. Young yet drinkable with plenty of fruity kick and low on the tannins.

So, the bedroom? 85% done. Maybe even 90%.

I might buy two new lamps. Cheap ones from a secret-secret Chinese merchant I like who carries cool shit. Gotta swing by and see if I can get two for $50 there. Something simple.

Anyhow. I've assembled the nighttables, which is to say I enjoyed about 3.5 hours of Ikea hell today. I've hung art, cleaned a bit. Switched out furniture. Came up with a good solution for the dilemma of the only plugs being five feet away from the bed on each of the two flanking walls.

It's a pretty beautiful room so far. I also need to buy a picture frame. Like, a big, dominant, beautiful one. Then, I'm done. Yay for me!

Tomorrow the endless grind continues. Tonight, to bed early. I start to paint tomorrow.

But I'm slowly getting the punchy home I've always wanted. My bedroom's bold yet muted, lively yet calming. I've really outdone myself. I still need to stencil the wall. Forgot about that. Mmf.

Still. It can wait a week or two. I'll paint the hallway doors then, too. Awesome.

But now, back to my movie and maybe one more small glass of wine. I'll save the rest for after the trim-painting tomorrow evening. Then Saturday, then I'm done.

Oh, man... am I tired. Still, it's all worth it. What lovely results I'm yielding. Exactly what I envisioned. Bringing visions to life is so rewarding.