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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Groaning ramblings of a weekend painter

I have been painting trim now for about 13 hours. Five or so hours last night. Another 8-9 hours today. Gayboy did the rollerwork all afternoon. Fuck, we both hurt. I'm dying. Four, maybe five coats, and... yes, the trim and some possible touch ups are still required, as is the finishing of the hall doors.

But holy crap is it a sweet, sweet shade of deep, deep red... crimson. "Moulin Rouge" in the Debbie Travis line. Three coats over the blue paint on some walls, but four or five over the terra cotta colour. The terra cotta was a yellow-based colour, and it just kept bleeding through.

At full saturation, though, this is one sophisticated, sexy red. This is the shade of red I've always wanted to try but always thought was too 'big' and let other people's timid tastes tone down my own. So I've chosen mellower shades, like brick and Indian reds, but it never had the oomph I craved. This is the colour I've wanted in my hall for three years. HATED the terra cotta within a week, but painting the hall was the most hellish paint work ever. So... major procrastination.

Thanks, Gayboy. Well done. :)

Can't wait to finish this off tomorrow, move stuff back in place, and just be done with the wielding of brushes. Until I tackle Mango Madness, my next shade. Ha. This fall, maybe. But to see my artwork up against this paint's going to be a great feeling tomorrow. White might be great for galleries but colour's what makes your artwork pop at home, man. And the antiques against it.... ooh!

Oh... and till I white-up my book shelves... and that'll be a major muscle-builder... unloading, reloading, rearranging, and painting of bookshelves? But... oh, how nice books look against fresh, gleaming white. Wow. :) And that white popping against the sexy-ass red I've now got? Yowzas. One dynamic pad I got going here. Yay!

But oh. my. fucking. god. am. i. tired. more muscle strain needed: uncorking of wine. A little more of the *right* kinda red. But I have to walk to the bottle. Wah. Must stop working. Grunt.