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Monday, March 17, 2008

Colour Revisited

If they don't already say you need to live with a colour for a year to truly know it, then they should. They have personalities that change on a whim... a new lightbulb, a murky cloudy day, candlelight, luminescent light overcast afternoons, a power outtage on a no-moon night and a room strewn with candles, the sweet pale yellow of a winter morning, vibrant summer sun.

Tonight, pushing eight o'clock as I write, has been a very gloomy grey since I arrived home and I know, in a heartbeat, this colour combination will not work at all for any length of time.

The green's tweaking off the red, too much yellow in it, so it's looking just odd, caught between my sky blue and the crimson. The sky blue, sadly, combined with the oppressive hue of this sombre daylight, is popping coldly off the red, and the red's getting subdued with the blue's reflection (all the worse with the satin sheen of the paint shining up and all).

The plan is, any blue or green will become "mango madness" which implies a far brighter colour than it is -- a pretty mellow mild mango colour, just a bit yellower than peach. I suspect it'll warm up the red very nicely.

But the way it is, combined with my pms, it's a very, very moody colour. Hmm. Could just be I'm exhausted and pissy. :)

Still, I like the red -- a lot -- and I know it's the other colours that are the problem. Hence my pissiness. 'Cos you know who'll be changing that. And this "sooner than later" thing isn't sitting pretty with me. Blah. But I'm hoping I can mentally put it off till later in the summer sometime.

Maybe cleaning the place up will distract me and placate me. We can hope!

Anyhow... time for serious slackage now. Watching Canterbury's Law and New Amsterdam since they're both all right and nothing else is on. The former I think I might like. The latter is a little strange just yet but I'm getting there. Man, am I whupped good.