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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just Another Tuesday... What's So Super About it, Anyhow?

The wind's howling, the rain's coming down, and work looms on the horizon. It's too bad... I could get so much done this week if I didn't have to work. :)

I'm trying to keep my "accomplishing things" momentum going and have one goal of something to accomplish each day this week, and some are double-goal days, depending how long each task takes. Today's a triple-goal day, if mailing something counts, and since I make the rules, yep, it counts! Set goals, meet them. Who knew it was so simple? Sigh. I'm hoping that I am laying groundwork for a better, more productive life by doing little changes like this, the "daily goal" plan and all.

Here's a nouveau goal. I have to break down a five-pound bag of espresso tonight. Yep. A certain party gave me a five-pound bag of a certain company's espresso beans when a certain service provider of theirs closed up shop and they gave all the supplies (including numerous big-ass bags of espresso) to their managers.

Me, I've been given a total of TEN POUNDS of whole espresso beans. I'm donating some to new parent friends of mine and my broke-ass brother. Spread the wealth around. That's what, $80 per 5-lb bag? Sweet.

Oh, dear god. The weather's taken a vile turn for the worse. Off to the bus. God, I'm SICK OF TRANSIT, ALL RIGHT? A little less-than seasonal weather for JUST A FEW DAYS would be really, really well-timed, oh deity of mine. COME ON. Cooperate. Stupid busses... Smelly people and dirty stuff. Bleh.