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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Watch Out! I'm Pissed Off!

[Disclaimer: The YOU I keep addressing angrily is always the stupid Fido call centre person I speak of, not YOU the reader. We cool now?]

So, I call Fido at about 8:48 (they close at 9) to let them know I can't find my cell, and I need a block put on it until a) I find it, or b) I decide it's unfindable and get a new phone thingie.

Then I ask, "Have any calls been made on my phone since last night?" And she says she can't tell me, I have to phone back tomorrow, they're about to close.

I go, "What? You're not closed now. You're closing in several minutes. You're supposed to be a help centre for the next nine minutes, and I'm giving you an opportunity to help me. So, what's the problem?"

The remainder of the conversation had me becoming a bit of a bitch, which isn't like me. I about snapped when she told me I call the same number tomorrow for the help I'm being denied now. Like, how does that work? Somehow they're magically able to help me tomorrow, but not tonight?

So, for the 12th time, she tells me "I don't have those kinds of informations for you." THAT is the EXTENT of her explanation. "Why?" I ask. "Because I don't have those kinds of informations for you."

What the fuck? Are you some wind-up doll with only THAT MOTHERFUCKING ANSWER AVAILABLE TO YOU? Yer brain programmed by Mattel? Christ. And god forbid I keep you preoccupied until your workday's done, eh?

Naturally, two minutes later I find my fucking phone so I have to call back tomorrow and I'm totally making a complaint. Give me a better answer than "I don't have those kinds of informations for you" when they're telling me the same fucking division WILL have the answers 12 hours from now, when it's not five minutes from them getting the drinks they've been fantasizing about.

I don't get pissy with call centre people often 'cos I know it's a hard job, but if I could've sent a psychic bitch-slap through the phone at this decidedly unhelpful help desk person, it woulda knocked her into fuckin' 2009, man. Sodding hell!

Fido better have a good answer for me tomorrow, 'cos I'm about a week away from buying a new phone and getting a new deal with 'em. Someone else stupid will give me a good reason to change my mind and hold off on using my "bonus dollars" for a new phone, and instead wait till mid-month and buy a competitor's deal.


Nova's got a weird episode about a Turkish family who walk on all fours because they've no balance. Ooh, inbred, too. Hmm! Interesting stuff. There's all this debate about "reverse evolution" as a result of this family. Interesting! No more stupid call centre people. Speaking of stupidity, I feel badly for all those idiots who don't believe in evolution. What cool shit they miss out on in science.