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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stupid Food, Smart Food

I've had a strained shoulder for a week now and it's really starting to piss me off. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

Okay, so, I'm eating healthy now, right? Target of 1700 calories or less a day, and "good" calories rather than some of the shit I was eating last month. Example: Last night's dinner was a small bowl of homemade beans and ham, and a big leafy salad with some chicken breast and homemade dressing.

I've never been TRULY horrible with food, I don't think. Not like Paula Dean. HOLY CRAP, Batman! I flipped onto her show and what's the woman cooking? Bacon-wrapped squares of super-cheesy homemade macaroni and cheese... breaded and deep-fried! Want a defibrilator with that? No, I'm SERIOUS, man. Who eats shit like that? That's even worse than a fried Mars bar, man! AND fried in peanut oil!

"Mm, that's so good" she says after chowing down on a ...what do you call that? "Deep-fried bacon-wrapped macaroni square?" Yeah, I guess. No! I got it! "The Suicide Square"! One bite and you're psychically making a date with the cardio department at the hospital. OF COURSE IT'S GOOD. Fat, fat, mm, and more fat! Bacon, cheese, carbs, all the favourite ingredients of tubbies around the world. A zillion grams of cholesterol? Anyone? Anyone?

But really fucking dumb to eat, man. That's just insane.

Meanwhile, I'm going to have some more homemade granola.* Hey, get this: ate what I thought was a lot yesterday (3 meals and 2 snacks) and still came in at 1797 calories (using FitDay now). Not too shabby. And I've never been into throwing beans INTO a salad, but having a plate of them with the salad? Tastes great and my god does it give good energy. So, I'm on the right track this week.

Now, if my shoulder could just end this stupidity and pain, I might just be a bit happier. It's been making work hell for me, filled with inflammation and discomfort.

And I found my iPOD yesterday so my universe is righting itself. I'm sure the shoulder will follow suit soon.

*Before I make granola next time, I'm taking 20 minutes to do all the food values and figure out what the calorie count is on it all. It'd be cool to know how apple juice-based granola stacks up re: conventional stuff made with oil.