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Monday, January 28, 2008

So, How Dumb Was That, Hillary?

Sigh. Hillary Clinton's really, really fucking it up. After New Hampshire she had a chance to retool her image. She got teary, and people responded. She showed humanity and vulnerability and it seemed like there might be a human heart behind that cold steel after all. So what's she do in South Carolina? Goes on the vicious attack, relentlessly being negative and condescending, AND getting her husband to do her dirty work too. Suddenly she's back to no-heart Hillary. Even Teddy Kennedy is turned off by her aggressive stance and now throws his weight behind Obama. Could this race get any more interesting? Wow. I love how the world at large is transfixed by this race, and I'm increasingly thinking Obama might be tough enough to run things after all. We'll see.

Man, I wish Hunter Thompson never offed himself. This race would've made him feel 20 again. Two years ago I thought this day would never come. When HST shot himself, my first thought was "Yeah, I feel like that about Bush too", and never even thought that he might've had medical problems. I just assumed the political failings of America were literally killing him. Now that the end of Bush's days are here, the options are awesome! Aww, Hunter, I wish you were around to write about this race. That's the only thing missing, man. He was never the same after the '70s. This election would've awoken hope in him, I know it.