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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fightin' the Fight and Thank God It's Fri(thurs)day

This week, I'm not taking any more shit. I started my Monday off with making a big-ass sign for the hallways in my place about these stupid people using air fresheners in public hallways because they think their shit stinks better than the new carpet smell in the building. At least the new carpets don't mess with asthma, man.

Then there's someone else I need to be discreet about, but suffice to say this person missed a promising career as a manure salesman. They owe me money and they're bullshitting and arguing about it, and I'm fucking fed right up with it. Some people are just not fair. Pay the money, and move the fuck on. Unreal. I'm dealing with it. Mmf. But I just can't believe how petty some people are.

Life's too short to screw people over, man. Life's too short to hang on to every little penny like it's your ticket to salvation. Get over it! Fighting for everything means never enjoying anything. I'll never understand how some people choose to make their lives harder by fighting for every little thing they have "on principal".

Happiness is a principal, too. Try it, you might like it, Evil Nemesis.

One part of me wants to say fuck it, forget about the money, but I think this one person needs to be fought a bit for all those people who aren't good at matching their arguments. Me, I'm giving this person a run for their money. But there's a limit to how much bullshit I'll willingly wade into.

I remember this time that my mom went to see a psychic. I'm not really into the whole psychic/medium thing, but I sometimes hear of incidences that are just too bang-on to dismiss easily. I had my own experience I need to write about one day, about the woman that pulled me off Haight Street in San Francisco, to take me upstairs and tell me I "needed" to have my fortune told, whether I could afford to pay it or not. I still get the shivers thinking about it sometimes.

Mom, though, saw a famous medium that connected to her dad for her, and all the things the guy said were right on the money, right down to the names of her dad's best friends and the card games they all played. The medium relayed a message from her father, in which he said "money [isn't] at the end of the rainbow". It sounds trite now, but it was in regard to a couple business deals she made that did wind up being failures. Weirdly, I was the one that kept reminding her not to fight the losing battles, to take the losses and not let it eat at her, because "money's not at the end of the rainbow". It always brought her peace for a bit, but then she'd fight the stupid battles again.

But when she died broke, she told me she finally understood what I'd been trying to tell her then. She died with pretty much nothing, nothing she could've had with a whole lot less of her life spent on fights she eventually wound up losing. Her energies spent elsewhere might've made all the difference in the world as to her longevity, and, on her deathbed, not only did she finally understand, but she seemed to regret her choices, too.

And as important as every dollar tends to be right now to me, I'm loathe to ignore what it took a lifetime for my mother to learn. I will not live with that kind of regret, I can't. Sometimes even money just ain't worth the grief it takes to get it. Sometimes. Like the Borg say, man, resistance is futile. Sometimes.

Sigh, yeah. So this person I'm dealing with right now is making me call to mind some rather dark periods in my past and I can't understand how this person seems to choose to live in that kind of realm of darkness day in and day out. Nope. I'll never understand people like this. How anyone can run so hard and fast in the other direction from happiness is something I'll just never get.

Speaking of happiness, I have three days this weekend, and today's my Friday. Good. Work's been hard this week and last with the shoulder problem. I think I was sleeping on it a lot, so now I'm trying to change that and sleep instead on my back. We'll see how it improves this weekend. After that, I'll try acupuncture or massage and get it back on track.

Yay, Friday. And give in, Nemesis. Give in!