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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New, Improved, and Powered by Shit!

A Rwandan prison won the Ashden Award for sustainable energy.

They're using human feces --poop--excrement--le doo-doo-- to power the prison. The crap is converted into methane, or the more trendily titled "biogas", which has reduced their carbon footprint something fierce while reducing the amount of woodfuel consumed by the prison.

And puts shit to good use, which is good, since shit's the benchmark for what constitutes "shitty".

Shitty is the new good, I hear.

And what better country to find a way to make use of the shit from their shittiest citizens as a fuel for their own prison but Rwanda, where the majority of those presently imprisoned were culprits in the-- oh, sorry, murdering, genociding bastards ...from the bad old days in the '90s when machetes and massacres were the order of the day.

Lemons, meet lemonade. Enter bold new energy source: shit.

Now, if only it could power our cars... then OPEC could go to hell. Who ever thought anyone but the constipated would pray for shit, huh?

I just LOVE living in 2008. The news just gets weirder all the time. Go Rwanda, go. 

Oh, and the article was in WIRED.