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Friday, December 21, 2007

You'll take what for oil?

That evil demonic spawn of Satan, Hugo Chavez, is at it again.

He has proposed that poorer neighbour-states of theirs (that'd be those in proximity of Venezuela) can pay for oil with things like bananas and other produce. Cuba, for instance, sends medical services, like doctors to provide care, to Venezuela for their oil. Wow. The commies are in it together!

The nerve of that commie. Or whatever the hell he is. It's all the same anyhow, right? Or should I say left? I mean, what would happen if people started doing insane things like paying for much-needed natural resources with renewable resources of their own? Ridiculous. The thought! Fuckin' socialism or something!

Heh. Bet George Bush is havin' a fuckin' aneurysm. Poor Georgie. He should see if Chavez' PR guy's up for hire.