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Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho HO!

Wow, Robert Duvall does an okay German accent. A little over the top, but it's working, more or less.

I've just discovered that The Eagle is Landed is playing on History Channel, so I'll not-watch watch it as I make my breakdast and prepare for Christmas dinner. Bread cubes are toasting for my stuffing, which I think I'll kick up with sundried cranberries in it this year... Whee!

Wow, The Eagle is Landed is kind of like M*A*S*H without the funnies, I guess. Sutherland, Duvall... Holy military movie cast in the '70s redux, Batman! Suicide is painless... it brings on many--- [record scratching]

All right then. What's on the menu, you ask? Looks like mojitos (heh heh... the sunny weather has us feeling inspired), my "bread and butter" stuffing that now has cranberries going in it, and, OOH, maybe walnuts! A 15-pounds turkey (Ihopetofuckinggodhasthawedintime) and way-too-decadent mashed potatoes with a touch of cream cheese, roasted garlic, and caramelized shallots, then for veggies, caramelized carrots and broccoli with garlic and cashews. We're having bread because someone thinks it's necessary, and dessert is out of my hands. It won't be too insane tonight. I mean, there's no brown sugar sweet potatoes or anything like that. All the fat's in the gravy and the potatoes and the stuffing. The carrots and broccoli are pretty tame.

Still, not far off the "average Christmas meal is 4,000 calories" prediction I read recently. What the fuck, it's once a year. Okay, there's no WAY this is hitting 4,000 calories. 4,000 calories is more like my step-mom's "Got a defibrillator with that?" holiday insanity meal. Dear god, is it.

Boxing Day, things change.

Tonight, though... gluttony! I'm pulling out the good dishes and everything. The mojitos are a little out of place with the meal, though, so, I don't know. Maybe mojitos AND wine... ha.

Now, to make a little brekkie for the chef du jour.

Merry Christmas, good peoples, and god bless us everyone. My card I made last year.