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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why, What Is This Pile I See Before Me?

I should be doing yoga but I can't muster the energy and instead I'll stretch, eat breakfast, and head into work, where I know exactly what's awaiting me and I could be happier about it, but hey!

Yesterday I had written my Die Hard bit when GayBoy showed up. Just before he arrived, I got all motivated and started taking down my Christmas tree. He Who is Taller Than Me put my boxes into the storage unit, and he began marvelling how big my in-suite storage is, and how, if I wanted to, I could gut the room and turn it into a pantry.

So, I commented "Well, I'd need someone objective to help me throw my shit away..." and next thing you know, we're taking three trips of crap down the four flights of stairs to be "disappeared"* in the alley.

After GayBoy left, I began looking at my bookshelf... and four or so hours later, I had amassed a teetering pile of things to hawk, disappear, or donate. Selling the books looks lucrative. And this time, I AM selling them. I always give my shit away, well, fuck that. The $50 or $100 I deserve for books of this calibre will be nice to spend for a change.

And I'm not done. I want to do one more pass on the bookshelves, and DVDs, and then I need to go through a few more piles. Then my bedroom will need doing, plus some more gutting in the storage until. In a couple of weeks, life will be entirely uncluttered. Wow. Exciting! :)

My goal? To reduce my possessions by 20-30%. Clutter SUCKS. We're moving on, kids. My life (ie: my past) is NOT my things, right? Right. Right!

*Disappearing: In the age of recycling and "one man's trash is another man's...", to "disappear" something means to put it BESIDE the dumpster, not in it, in case someone wants to take it home. Some of the paint and most of the kitchen goods have been snatched already from my "disappeared" pile. We'll see what else goes soon. If people will take stained mattresses, my god, you never know what they'll take! We don't need less waste... we need more packrats!