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Monday, January 21, 2008

I Hate That SPCA Commercial: So That Came Outta Nowhere

Again with the fucking Sarah McLachlan SPCA video with "Arms of an Angel". [shudder]

If I give 'em $5, will they finally stop playing it? God!

I always feel so funereal after I hear Sarah McLachlan. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I associate "I Will Remember You" and "Arms of An Angel" with, well, dead people, and funerals, and people who are about to die.

Still, fucking stop with the sad doggie-McLachlan-Angel commercial, please. Every time I hear "SPCA", I think "Pound" and then I think about my long-gone dog Bandit some punk-ass bitch in the neighbourhood had taken away from us. Who does that because someone stole their stickers? I mean, really. If ever there was a "person in my life under 15 like me I most thought deserved to get an ass-kicking", MICHELLE would be the one.

Yeah, you know who you are, if yer out there. Damn you. I like to think my dog lived out his days on a farm somewhere but they never told us. THANKS, MICHELLE.

You had my dog taken away, be-yotch! That time my cousin punched you in the nose because I was too much of a lady to fight? Secretly one of the best ever moments in my life. Best Moments Ever, #28. Howzat?

'Cos you made 'em take away my DOG. Over STICKERS. Garfield and Odie (pre-Nermal), no less. Irony, anyone? Evil, evil child! Probably an evil woman. Michelle. [sending psychic bitch-slap now]

Grr. Okay. Some repressed anger there.

In the spirit of my new yogic practicings, "I forgive you, Michelle."

Yeah. Right. Psych.