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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Come ON! Stop with the Spam Recipes! Christ!

WHY does my rotating header thingie of story headlines at the top of my Gmail page keep showing Spam recipes?


Spam, which writer Paul Theroux once wondered if perhaps the fatty, porky taste of it was something a little too akin to human flesh since it was so popular with Pacific Islanders who had once been cannibals. Spam, which was once considered something wonderful to give a girl on a date, instead of flowers, during the Korean famine.


Like I'm ever, ever, ever going to be a) ballsy enough, or b) stupid enough, to open me up a can of SPAM? No offense if you're one of the weird number that likes this factory-packed tin of meat, of course.

But I ain't eatin' no motherfuckin' Spam, man. And at the top of the no-motherfuckin'-way list of recipes is "Golden Spam Skillet Casserole." Cardboard sounds more appetizing. At least there's no gelatin or grease. WOW. Weird world.

SPAM. The original Mystery Meat.

There ya go. An ADHD posting for ya.