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Monday, December 03, 2007

A Good Start to the Week

I'm finally getting onto the yoga kick I've wanted to start for awhile. I am NOT going to yoga classes. I'll simply never attend, and when I do, I'll be too self-conscious to get shit right, so, no, no classes.

I signed up with an online gig, My Yoga Online, and I'm now able to choose from a couple dozen routines aimed at my level in yoga, pilates, and meditation... and it's unlimited at $9.95 a month. They even have yoga at work... so, nifty shit. Really.

I'm tired of being stiff all the time, so it's the perfect antidote to all my other exercise. Wicked.

Anyhow. That's the start of my day, a 35-minute routine this morning, and I feel a little more alert, a little more loose. Still stiff and sore, but after hiking a box of new casserole dishes back from Canadian Tire in the snow and rain yesterday, I should certainly be stiff and sore. :) Yoga should be one of the best things I could do for my body, given how many catastrophic muscle injuries I've suffered before now. Limber me up, baby!

Now... I need to face the evil non-stop Pineapple Express tropical rainstorm we're gonna have all day today and tomorrow. Wind and rain warnings, but I'm a pedestrian today. I haven't bought my bus pass yet, but I'll get it later today. Walking a block and paying an extra $2.25 for a bus this morning versus nine blocks to buy the bus pass and save the surplus $2.25... FUCK that! In this rain? Oh, ho. I think not.

I am at one with financial waste in favour of only getting a little wet. Sigh. Just finish this coffee here, then off into the wet wonder named Vancouver.