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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mm, I'm Stuffed!

Well, I've lost 5 lbs this week because I deserve to. I've been pretty well-behaved, all things considered, and was thrilled to see the scale today. Tonight was a bad thing because it was the family dinner for the holidays.

But that's all right because the only thing I had seconds of was the ham. And all I ate besides dinner today was one egg and one piece of dry toast. I had small portions of everything, and didn't finish everything on my plate, except the ham. I was very, very good, considering I could've probably had a bit more than I did, but it's all good, considering how bad it could have been!

I'm going out for breakfast in the morning, then to the gym. I'll come home, and in the afternoon sometime, go get some makings for food. I'm planning to make Southwestern Green Chili with Chicken (which has the Mexican supergrain, quinoa, in it) as my staple to eat this week, and think I'll get the fixings for an Asian chicken salad or two, plus one casserole. Some eggs and soy milk for granola, and I'll be set for another week, and a low-fat one.

Something clicked this week and I get what I have to do now to lose weight... obviously, if I've lost five pounds this week. Focusing on my fitness and weightloss are main priorities in life right now. Period. Everything else will follow. I just want to kickstart this, then maintain and find a healthy balance. I pray I'm able to maintain this good weightloss for a couple weeks, then I'll have to increase my calories slightly because this is too much to lose so quickly, on a regular basis. I'll have to find the right balance. What a struggle.

The soup this week will be slightly heavier in calories than the one I ate this week... French onion sans bread and cheese. This one's heavy on the cilantro and peppers and beans. Should be pretty wicked and also a more balanced food source. From my beloved (so beloved) Daily Soup Cookbook, which I will soon need to replace as the pages are coming out.

The folks gave me turkey and other foods for the holiday dinner this year, which is sweet, since they knew my bro was coming over here and, as always, GayBoy, for our Christmas eve not-Christmassy Christmas movie (ie: Die Hard, Gremlins, etc.) Movies that take place at Christmas, but aren't about it. Fun, fun. Oh, and food and booze.

I think we're thinking of doing Mojitos this Christmas, too, now that we've discovered where to buy the elusive specialty cane syrup for them. (Freezer section of T&T market!) Vive le mojitos!

Oh, I'm so stiff yet not from yoga every day this week. Gym tomorrow. I see muscle relaxants in my future tomorrow night. And the chiropractor on Monday. Oh ho! EXCITING. No, really. I could stand to be well-adjusted again.