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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yoga with Steff

I'm so bagged this morning! I could sleep till noon, easy.

Nonetheless, I'm about to try a third day in a row of yoga to kickstart my day. I'm hoping I'm motivated enough to swing into the gym tonight and do a cardio routine. Then, yoga in the morning, and ditto again Friday, with a Friday night visit to the gym, and possibly another gym visit Saturday morning before the family Christmas -- the folks are heading Stateside for the holidays... which gives me a wide-open door to do the sleeping I want to do. :)

I've done 40 minute yoga sessions the last couple days, but I'm mellowing with 20 today. It's nice to go online and choose the routine that works best for me. I know it's only $10 a month, but I'm getting it for free since I'll blog once a week about it on the other board. Just a line or two here or there and a link. Ah, it's free, and I get some business PR out of it. I probably wouldn't do the yoga if I had to go and write out a cheque and mail it in, being creditcardless and all. I know, lazy. Oh well.

My body was sooooo sore last night. I'm probably looking at a continuing week or so of total pain and inflammation, but some of the areas hurting are ones I never have problems with, because they're never getting worked out. So, this all-over pain is a sign of things getting better, right? Or if I keep telling myself that... heh heh.

Ahh, soon I'll be strong like bull! 

The thing I like the best about the yoga is two-fold: 1) it's both a stretch and a workout, and 2) I need to be wholly conscious, so it's making me more aware of things in life, too, which is highly useful in all areas of life. Very good stuff.

Anyhow. I'm really just trying to psych myself up to do what I loathe to do... the workout. Time to get cracking.