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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sweet Dreams of The Griddler

I have never wanted something for my kitchen as much as I now want the Griddler.

I. Want. The. Griddler.

Two words: Homemade panini.

There ain't a fucking restaurant in this city with a mustard collection like mine! I love panini, but not wild about normal sandwiches. Panini, though... crispy, cheesy, wondrous goodness. With my mustards. Things like "cilantro and lemongrass", "sweet vodka", burgundy, grainy, etc. It really changes things up nicely.

And a grill. And a double griddle. And an open grill, which means doing kebabs and tandoori inside year round. Fuckin' a!

I am getting this thing for myself. A treat. Something to get me going in the right direction with food. Soups and sandwiches. Grilled foods. Very little oil.

I could get back into making homemade bread again. Still no butter, but my homemade bread would rock for paninis. And soup. Mm-mm! And winter's just getting started.

Tonight I did something radical and healthy-ish. I made an attempt at recreating the Noodle Box's Spicy Peanut with Chicken at home. It was pretty decent. I think I need to try making my own peanut sauce, though, one from peanut butter. I think that'll make all the difference in the world.

As I figure it, though, I got it pretty close: baby bok choy, green onions, ginger, lots of cilantro, bean sprouts, peanuts, etc. Next time I add red chilis and the homemade peanut sauce. This could be a really nice meal to have more often. Nice. Once I hammer down a recipe, I'll share it. :)

And thus the great Asian cooking education of Steff begins. A bold new era. Gonna introduce myself to some Vietnamese cooking soon. Gonna have to prowl for a good book.

Anyhow. It's 3:23am. I've been tired after a long week. I had a little triumph today after kinda breaking my iPOD when I was installing the new battery I bought yesterday. Officially on my third battery. Woohoo. But I didn't break it. I decided my day was of too weird a mix of energies to try fucking with the iPOD a second time, and I figured I'd tackle it today (Saturday, that is) after a good night's sleep. As I suspected, it was apparently something to do with the audio output that wiggled loose yesterday, a port thingie near the top of the motherboard. It took three tries to fix it in properly, since there's no way to clearly see how good of contact you've made with the port.

Despite that, I got it! Woohoo. I love being a self-sufficient gal. How cool izzat?

But I would much more love being a self-sufficient gal with a Griddler. Uh-huh! Maybe next paycheque. It'd be cool, get me a Griddler then go down to Commercial Drive on the holidays and get stocked up on great sandwich options. Two words: Rosemary ham. Yep.

Shit. Now I'm hungry. See, I was explaining how tired I was and that I'd had a full but mellow day, and fell asleep on the couch at 9pm. I woke up at 1:30 and I've been up watching TV and cleaning house since then. Now it's 3:30 and I gotta hit the sack. Up tomorrow to take a snowy stroll to Canadian Tire and a music shop with the irrepressible GayBoy.

But I want a snack. I'd fork someone to death for a panini right now, I swear to god. Sigh. If only I had a Griddler. I have... wait for it... granola. Or, ooh! Leftover funky Spicy Peanut... Mm. Enter choice! Who needs to go to bed? It's a day off... I can nap. Yeah. I'm staying up. How fun.