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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Posting Before the Fray

There's a box of Noodle Box Spicy Peanut on Rice sitting in my fridge, keeping happy until I'm hungry enough later to eat. I've been having one of those "slow starting" Saturdays and slept in till about 10:30 (heh heh... all the pet owners and parents hate me now) and finally headed out into the world early this afternoon after ensuring all my shit on my desktop is backed up. I stole the RAM thingie and went shopping for computer storage and speed. Woohoo. A 320-gig hard drive and two gigs of RAM.

Don't I feel all grown up.

Oh, yeah, and I got an Airport Card for my iBook, so now I'll have wireless computing and the gift of blogging and surfing from the couch. Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet.

But there will be a week or two of hell as I get everything set up over the next couple of weeks, and then it'll mean I can finally start doing some web design for a) extra cash and b) the right to claim home as an expense -- cable bill, computer gear, etc etc. :)

I want to get memory and a hard drive for my iBook, too, and hopefully before the end of the year because I really would love to have the tax writeoff. I figure there's $500 more of Stuff I need to buy for my computing needs, including external storage.

After this, I can finally move on and start onto some of the other projects I want to accomplish in the coming months, including some painting around the home to brighten things up. Ambitions, ambitions. Quite fun making things happen, y'know.

Looking forward to having the computer issues resolved. What a fantastic thing to finally get done. I've been wanting a nice, fast computer for a long, long time, and this will really encourage me to do the one thing I NEVER do that is absolutely crucial to me being a blogger of any financial potential -- reading the fucking web!

I never surf the web! I'm so uninformed! Why? Because surfing SUCKS ASS with too little RAM!

And even if my iBook's slow... it'll be slow from the couch while I can watch movies. My ADHD will never have felt as doted on as it's about to feel now. Ha. And I can be informed and write about cooler shit. Good. About time.

But my day went incredibly well. Took me less than 10 minutes in both computer shops, even though they were packed with people. It was like a shining beacon of service light was beaming down upon me. And there was no lineup at the Noodle Box. The liquor store was annoyingly full and, yep, no line up. What the fuck? The gods like me. Correction, they love me. And I didn't even realize until I got to my designated shopping area that, not only were my two computer stores right across the street from each other, but so was the best hot dog stand in town (ooh, turkey smokey with onions, how doth I love you) and the best drug store and the liquor store and my noodle shop, all within 10 blocks of each other.

I know it's stupid, little shit, but sometimes the littlest bits of goodness are the best ones. I really wanted an easy day today and expect much worse. Lucky Steff!

Well, back to my oddly motivated desire to have a clean house.