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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ooh, Another New Movie to See

Oprah's got Denzel Washington and Forrest Whittaker on the show (on my tape) and they're talking about the movie they have releasing on Christmas Day, The Great Debaters.

It's another teacher/mentor type movie. I am *so* a sucker for teacher/mentor movies. Everything from To Sir with Love on down is just awesome. I have to see this one. :)

I was never on the debate team. Too bad. Should've been. We need adult debate teams. That'd be cool.

Ahhh. I'll never know my true power with being argumentative. Sigh. I'll just have to continue pissing off my friends by being right, then. Heh heh. Most of the time, anyhow. I'm periodically wrong. I blame it on my DNA. It happens.

Anyhow. This year there's no family around for Christmas and I'm pretty stoked. I could use some quiet time, for sure. I'm thinking definitely a movie on Christmas day. Very cool. :) Been a while since I've caught one on the holiday proper. That'll be a nice change of pace.