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Monday, November 05, 2007

Oh, Look, A Random Blog Entry. I'll Take Two!

Gasp! Takezo Kensei lives! Holy Heroes spoiler, Batman, but omg!

Ah, I love Heroes. Love! Too fun.

Tonight's curry night, and tomorrow is assembly. I will prepare and roll 20 curried chicken wraps. Then, lunches are taken care of in a low-fat, fibre-filled, currilicious lunch concoction. Some seriously good stuff. I've amped up the hot sauce this time out. I think this bodes well for the coming weeks. Tomorrow is the assembly line. Mindless drone-filled work. Whee, fun. Yeah, that.

I had a nice day at work. Something surprising greeted me, followed by one of my favourite shows. It was a darned good Monday, as far as things go.

Plus the greenlight was given for a little extra work. We likes the money. Is pressscious.

I really shouldn't have had this much wine. I don't get why I feel like such a lush tonight when I drank the same amount last Monday and wound up jim-dandy with it. This week, I am at one with the backspace. It's shpooky somethin' fierce. 'Tis, too.

Well, it's nigh bedtime anyhow. :)