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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quickie Postie on a Toosday

Rushing out shortly. I'm having trouble getting up in the mornings, even when I want to get up earlier. Dunno if it's the change in season, taking my meds too late at night, my change in diet, or what, but I just wanna sleep. Gah!

But I also dislike being at work later than 7, so. Grr! It bothers me to be this slow to get my act together in the mornings of late. Whatever.

At least coming home isn't going to involve a lot of work! I don't really have any cooking to do this week. For my lunches, I've got my funky Italiano beans I make -- a bunch of little Italian sausage meatballs (squeeze it out of the casings and ball it up), canned cherry tomatoes, lots of mixed bell peppers and onions, all cooked up with a couple cups of beans (I used balck-eyed this time, borlotti and romano work great) and a bit of red wine and an entire bunch of basil. Great for lunches!

Then supper this week is just funky pita sandwiches. I've done pepper chicken (actually, it's Montreal steak spice, but it's awesome for chicken in this context), all sliced up and sauteed with lots of onions and peppers, then I cook up my diced asparagus, slice up nice ripe Roma tomatoes, some provolone, some avocado, and condiments, all stuffed into a pita, and presto. Dindin is served. All my veggies, some dairy, protein, carbs, the whole shebang in one easy meal.

But there's still the problem of having a hard time waking up in the morning! Oy vey. One of these days. The change of season usually slays me, so maybe it's just that. Hmm!