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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jumping Jesus On a Pogo Stick, Will You Put that Credit Card Down Already?

Forget Halloween. This here's some serious spookishness.

And what irks me most about that bizness is that those are the bitches who send me mail twice a month trying to get me to take out $7,000 in credit when I'm just getting by as it is. Learn much? Anyone? Anyone?

This whole capitalist experiment thingie is getting a little out of hand. I think bringing back the socialism in socialism might be just the cure that ails ya. Let's limit banks' abilities to suck up loans from people least able to make them work. Let's not reward them for making terms so unreasonable as to have people miss two or three during one bad period and then have the interest rates hike so much as to make payments punitive and not productive.

Things just aren't fair out there and it doesn't matter that much of it chalks up to a) people's unwillingness to read before they sign, b) refusal to buy from a position of knowledge rather than motivated by want, and c) just dumb-ass impulse shit people need to get over.

You make it too easy and you're bound to run into an inevitable patch of cosmic resetting of balances when things get a smidge outta whack. I mean, I recall this period of "too much, too soon" syndrome followed by market upheavals, losses of jobs, a reduced gnp, bankruptcies and loan defaults by the bunches. Roaring Twenties and the Dirty Thirties, no?

Just saying, the lining up of all these dominoes is a little spooky, and having George Bush and his butterfingers budgets in control when the fit's hitting the shan is just a little uninspiring. Hillary Clinton's looking damn sexy now in those button-down suits, now, isn't she?

I mean, I can't possibly be the only person who knows people who've celebrated going bankrupt like it was a license to be totally free of all responsibility. Like they're fucking owed free shit for the little they've managed to contribute to society. Like they're entitled. Man. Some have gone on shopping sprees days before submitting their paperwork. Am I wrong to think things are a little suspect when people can get away with such flagrant disrespect towards personal responsibility? I'm tired of living in a society where everyone gets away with being a selfish dick. Let's have a little communal love going on, all right? After all, we ARE all in it together.

Fuck, man. I'm so sick of the what's-in-it-for-me-itis that's going on with 70% of the society out there. Wow. And if one more asshole on a cellphone cuts me off on my scooter in the rain when all I'm trying to do is preserve a bit of personal space without buying a monster gas-spewing car when it's only my own little ol' ass that needs transporting, well, I think you could GIVE ME MY FOUR FUCKING FEET. Thanks. Smooches.

Ahh, I disgress.

I long for the good ol' days, back when banks said no 'cos you were young, you were poor, you were black, you were woman, you were single, you were Jewish, you were anything else but rich. Let's save credit for the people who can comfortably say today looks good for payment, so does tomorrow. Most people don't understand credit. Let's make people get educated about how to make credit work for them, then when they graduate, they get a shiny plastic card and a note that says "don't forget all that stuff you learned to get your ass here".

'Cos, you know, the alternative is this. The alternative is that someone like me, getting by with only minimal, almost non-existent debt levels is having to pay the price with a dodgy economy because a bunch of suits wanted to earn commission and more people than there oughta have been are sitting with well-padded credit accounts and payments that are so low the principals almost never whittle away.

It's dumb. And irritating. And, yes, spooky. Curse you, fascism. Err, capitalism.