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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Mysterious Case of Ze Missing Jar
And Toot-Be-Gone

I keep my various rices in jars on my window sill -- Thai red, Thai black, wild blend, brown Basmati, etc.

I get home tonight after a windy day, and one of the jars is missing! Not in the sink, not fallen on the counter, and not, even, outside.

Wherever could my sweet black rice have gone? Tragedy of tragedies!


In other news, this radical change in my diet -- no butter, whole grains, more veggies, less red meat, very little dairy, big honkin' bowls of granola or oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit, etc -- has finally ceased causing new acne (yay) and my pissy mood has evaporated (yay) but I'm still getting the horribly embarrassing gas...

The Toots, as they are less excitingly known. Goodness.

Finally I have realized that they make stuff for things like this, and no, not Beano, because it's not just "gas" gas -- it's "I have ROCKED the culinary casbah and incorporated massively healthy things in my diet and my body is jarred after 33 years of eating like an utter dietary moron" rebellion, and a total lack of all healthy enzymes.

I have now bought enzymes. Aha! At long last I shall have my pride back.

But this is good... It's hard to think "wow, I'm doing everything right!" when your body's sounding the literal alarm after every healthy meal. "Oh, I don't know how to process this. Excuse me while I make you fart again." It's stuff like that that makes you start thinking a Quarter Pounder with Cheese can't be all that bad if it didn't give you the Holy Toots after each meal.

However, I decided the good battle was definitely worth continuing to wage after learning that I've already lost 12+ pounds in just about 3 or 4 weeks of NOT dieting. Eating healthy, yes, but I don't "count calories" other than just being consciously aware of what I'm eating. I'm pretty much just ensuring I'm under "about 2,000" calories a day, give or take, but I don't worry about the numbers.

Tee hee! And NOW I'm starting to exercise. Ha! That weight loss number's gonna frickin' take an elevator to the top floor in no time at all. Coolios.

Dinner tonight -- a couple chicken sausages, some roasted root veggies, and a tomato/peppers/bocconcini salad. Does that sound like a diet? Fuck diets. :)