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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Am Woman, Hear me Roar (Again)

All these financial bigwigs are freaking out about the Bank of Canada's decision to not cut interest rates in an attempt to bring the dollar back into the stratosphere, now that it's hit $1.10 US... Never mind this 22.3% increase in the past year... how's about freaking out about the nickel gained in just a few days? Either way, cutting interest to stop what seems somewhat unstoppable seems something akin to throwing a bandage on an amputation-to-be. Who's kidding who? The fit's been aimed squarely at the shan for quite some time now; that it should actually be finally hitting it is certainly no surprise.

Anyhow, whatever. All my concerns about the economy have no place in my noggin afore me bedtime.

Besides, I've had an accomplished day. I did well at work today, got lots accomplished. I faced my dreaded Nemesis, The Stairs, but I pared it back a bit. I figured there's no sense killing myself and then pissing and moaning for the next few days as I enter a world of hurt, so I chopped a few flights off, and I'm stiff tonight but I think I'll be liveable tomorrow, which is good, because the plan is to do the same tomorrow, but with one more storey added back in. By the end of next week, I'll be back to doing the whole thing, but this time I'll be acclimatized, so to speak, without murdering myself.

Add to that this evening's preparing and rolling of 18 wraps for lunches, and there's enough for four more to do tomorrow, if not five. So, that's potentially 23 lunches, definitely 22, for the whopping price of... hmm, $11 in chicken, $3 in yogurt $4.50 in veggies (mixed frozen, brocolli, onion), $3 in tortillas, $3 in rice, and, oh, that's it. $24.50. Each wrap works out to roughly 475-500 calories, with about seven grams of fibre, and no saturated fat at all. Curried chicken wraps with brown basmati rice and a madras curry yogurt sauce.

I'm thinking of trying a few sometime with black-eyed beans instead of rice, for that double-whammy of fibre and protein. I'll need to ponder that a bit. I mean, shit. Beans would be even cheaper, and it's already only $1.06 each.

I so rock. I feel so grown up. Not to mention it's nice to know some money will be staying in my wallet. That's huge.