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Friday, October 19, 2007

Rambling on a Friday Night

I have another few days of insanity, and then things will start to settle into something of a routine, I hope. I've not yet been able to find "routine" since leaving my last job and returning to the comforts of old, but I'm getting there. This week is the writer's fest, as well as a few other things that have been annoying, pesky little thingies I've had niggling at me to get done. I don't have any down time, really, this weekend, but that's all right.

It's all good.

Next week will be the ebbing of insanity, then the flow of routine will follow. Praise Jesus. Or someone, something.

I'm gettin' there. Healthwise, I'm still trying. My body, I think, is rebelling and this switch to a reasonable diet has resulted in all kinds of chaos, which I think is just all the crap of all my years just bubbling up to the surface. I have acne, stomach thingies, etc, but I'm not too concerned. I'm getting better and I know it... it's just the sudden change that's causing a little turbulence.

It's coming on three weeks without any butter or margarine, and while I'm not using a scale and I'm not counting calories or worrying much about what I eat, I already see a thinner face starting to stare back at me, and the bags and darkness under my eyes are gone. A couple more weeks will yield huge differences, I expect, and I'm now about to start phasing in an exercise plan. Baby steps.

Everything's starting to come together slowly, and I'm no fool... slowly's the only way change really is incorporated. I don't intend to follow a "diet". Fuck diets. The changes I'm making are changes I'm hoping will become lifelong habits. No butter, very little dairy, less bread, and everything else is as I want it to be. These are good things. :)

Monday will be fun -- I'm going to make Thai green curry from scratch... no paste for this girlie, not this time. Should be rich and vibrant and zesty and good.

Tuesday's the last day where I really need to watch my clock and worry about getting things together and being on schedule. After that, I have a more free-form life to live.

You know my week's been harried if I finally bought an alarm clock. I've been getting by on my "questionable" one for a long time. It worked well enough, but it broke back in September, ironically the day after I left my job where I always had to be on time. And while I don't need to get to work before 11, I plan to start using the clock again... I need to get into a routine with exercise. Nothing too intense -- a couple "stairclimber" events down the street, freeweights, and maybe a gym visit. Killing the fat in the diet is probably the most major thing to do in my life. Everything else is proverbial icing on my healthy cake.

What weirds me out, though, is I ain't missing butter. I always thought I would. I'm SO baffled that I'm not. Why'd it take so fucking long to figure out, eh?

Ahhh. Well. It's done now. Bring on the jam-packed busy weekend working the writer's fest and getting out, and then let's ease into a comfortable life, shall I? Fun fun.

Oh, and I gotta say... I'm dying to see the new Affleck-squared flick, Gone Baby Gone. Looks real damned good. I love gritty moralistic, ambiguous tales, and it'll be nice to see if B Affleck has finally found his niche in the film world. Acting surely wasn't it. (Although he did well in Changing Lanes... But everything else was pretty dubious at best.)