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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where's the Beef?

So, I did this marketing focus group today. Subject? Canadian Beef.

Seems the beef producers of this great northern land are looking for an angle to better their perception amongst the consumers of the kingdom. Naturally, I signed up because I think cows deserve to die, and the $65 payment certainly didn't hurt.

Actually, I like cows. Alive. And dead. And on my barbecue. I'm open to cows of all states. Except maybe in dessert or milkshake form. Everything else works for me.

But the one consistent thing all of us kept raising was that we were, to an extent, confused about how much beef was enough beef, and what a "serving" of beef would yield in regards to our daily nutrition requirements.

My brilliant suggestion? Instead of waiting for the government to deem it necessary to stick a sticker on packaging stating the daily food values in a slab of cow, take the initiative and do it in a way that lauds beef's benefits. Educate the consumer. Put comparisons between whatcha get from chicken versus beef, and see what that does to facilitate a new awakening in consumer awareness of why red meat isn't entirely bad for you, but does in fact provide 14 essential daily nutrients.

Ah, we'll see what happens, but if you start seeing labels on beef, then you know who to thank. My PayPal account is open for business. ;)

(peripheries(at)shaw(dot)ca. Heh heh.)

Oh, and I ran out and bought a ribeye and oven fries and a cheap bottle of wine for dinner. Boy, did that hit the spot. Mmm. Beeeeef. Apparently it does a growing body good and is good for mental acuity. Who knew? I feel smarter already.