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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beers & Hiccups

I've been hiccupping now for a half-hour. It's wearing thin.

I'm sorta drunk. Almost. Okay, mostly. I met GayBoy at just shy of 5 as I had radar instinct that told me to pop in on his work for the first time in, oh, ever, and say hi, and it turns out it was Day From Hell v2.0. So, we had post-work beer on a night where, it turns out, we're fly-weights. Two pitchers and we're beyond toast. Not so spry young things it would seem.

But I got curious about beer-drinking stats, despite my hiccupping, and I'm stunned to learn Canada's not even in the top 20 beer-drinking nations. Who knew? Not I! (Nor are we in the top 20 wine or spirits drinkers, but that's hardly a surprise.)

And our numbers overall are ridiculously low. Number one drinkers internationally? Uganda! Who the fuck knew?

As far as heavy episodic drinkers -- ie: alcoholics -- we're in the top 7. Yeah, knew that. Surprise. Long, dark winters + booze, anyone? Anyone? Yeah. Well, we're in the top 45 for booze overall, but that surprises me. I thought we'd be higher.

I have nothing else to add, except hiccup.

Apparently a woman once had hiccups for 47 years. They came, they went, but mostly they stayed. They never learned what caused nor cured her.

Dumb luck says I. But where nationality and booze stats are concerned, The WHO has your answers.