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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

aw, crap, not again

five bucks says we've got another boil-water advisory for the Vancouver region again tomorrow.

after the largest boil-water advisory in BC history passed us by just about three weeks ago, it looks like we're back in the turbid mix of things again.

i'm possibly blowing smoke out of my ass as we've heard nothing yet from the talking heads at all, but hey. my ass is a knowledgeable ass. then again, my eyes function, too. i just ran myself a bath and the water's nigh on shit brown. nice! it was like that when the boil-water advisory came down from on high. i'll listen to the news tomorrow morning, for sure.

we've been getting insane wind -- yesterday was just maniacal as far as windyness goes. gusts were up to 115 klicks an hour, depending where you were. guess what? they're back again. and the rain. did i mention the wind? we don't get hurricanes. this frontal system's probably the leftover remnants of a tropical storm that was causing havoc in the central Pacific last week. ridiculous. i think 2006/7 is bound to be a year for the record books.

the turbidity comes from trees and mudslides heading down the slopes of the Capilano Water Resevoirs. cynical tree-hugging types (me! me! me!) will tell ya that it's all the logging that's been done in that vicinity.

whatever. all's i knows is tonight the water looks like shit and that's a little too literal a statement for comfort.


i've been working like a fiend all night. it took me about four hours to get the photos chosen and prepped for gifties this season. money's a little too tight to mention, so my gifts are the personal kind. my printer's crap, so i'll get 'em professionally printed. yay for quality.

but at least i've gotten that done. so, the house is clean. check. brought out the xmas decorations, which are essentially useless as it turns out i have no lights, but still: decorations are out. check. christmas gifts are largely decided upon. check. bank account is empty. check.

'tis the season to be broke. that's what it is. how'd the songwrite get that so wrong? merry = broke? ha. not in my thesaurus, bubby.

but on the upside, the staff party's saturday night, which means i'm in luck as far as a hangover Sunday goes. GOOD THING i've made a date with a boy Sunday night. something tells me i've made wiser choices in the past. date + hangover? ooh, sexy! whatever. i'm not too worried. odd, that. seems pretty lowkey and relaxed, so i think things will go fine. i'll just be a smart cookie and remember to drink lots of water before, during, and after. nothing like the annual corporate boozin' fest to get a weekend off to a screeching halt. tee hee.