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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

From Heaven to Hell and Possibly Back Again?

Well, I officially have a job interview in the afternoon tomorrow. Sadly, the place is wwaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the way, but I think it'd be a pretty great place to work from the little I know.

And I was panicking about that "way out of the way" thing, too, because... [OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES] Some dude backed over my scooter tonight. Doh!


At first it wouldn't start, but I'm smart enough to know that a toppling upsets the fuel, thus floods the engine. And the tire was bent. It seemed. Going around would clunk-clunk-clunk. But, again, insert brains here, right? The loop-d-loop thing that holds the cables firmly away from the tire was bent in and rubbing against the tire. [FLEXING] But, I, the mighty Steff, was able to bend it back out. The thing that is indeed fucked is the signal.

But that's okay!

Because HONEST PEOPLE EXIST in this world. The guy asked the homeless kid on the street by it all if he'd seen the owner. The kid pointed me out, and the guy gave me his digits, apologized profusely, picked up the bike, et al. He's gonna pay me cash. The phone number even worked, too. At first I thought nothing had happened. Then I thought it wasn't driveable, so I called his girliefriend and told her the happenstance, all panicked-like.

(I've since called to say that it looks like it'll probably cost just a hundred or so, if not less, and thanked them about five times for being honest. I'm actually gonna buy him a Christmas card when we meet for the money exchange, and a nice piece of chocolate. Honesty deserves rewards.)

The irony of it all is that I'd pulled up, parked, and was all bitter some homeless kid's staking out my fave grocery store now. "Gah," I thought. "I'll have to give him money." (Which I tend to do often enough, as I think karma's a real deal thing and all.)

Sure enough, I gave him money, but 10 bucks instead of the one it would've been. Made his night, and then, add more irony to the mix -- the kid used to ride a '74 Vespa when he lived in Montreal. We exchanged "But for the grace of GOD, I lived!" accident stories and all. Hilarious. Then he booted it to buy the tea he was hoping he'd have the cash for.

So, yeah, this sucks, I don't have the time for dealing with it, but you know what? The guy was honest! He didn't have to be. It'll be taken care of. My good deeds are coming back to me via other people's goodness. It was a shitty 20 minutes, but once I discovered it was rideable, things improved a smidge.

Which is good. 'Cos girlie's got a job interview to get to at 5 and all.