For you, the dress code is casual.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

early on a merry eve

the turkey is dressed to kill. okay, so i lie. no dressing. nekkid bird. avert your eyes -- indecency at work.

in about 10 minutes, the bird'll be inserted into a scorching oven then reduced to a simmer for the next three or so hours. instead of stuffing -- yorkshire puddin'. mm.

it's storming out. again. wind. rain. poor gayboy's work is reduced to half power and he's nervous he won't make budget for the day, a quarter-killing scenario as far as ze olde bonus goes. let's cross fingies for gayboy.

either way, he gets turkey. we're hanging out solo tonight. maybe head to mass. A Christmas Story is the flick of choice tonight as i think we're both feeling nostalgic. kinda a remember-when-it-was-so-much-simpler kind of a night, probably.

i'm watching Rocky. it has christmas in it... and i'm slowly prepping for tonight. busted out a tableclotch and fancy-pants china. 'member, it's a nostalgia thang.

i have another couple passive hours of cleaning left. could be worse. i may even crack a beer soon. it's that i'm-an-adult-now approach to the holidays. combined with a "i'm just happy i've survived" sentiment. holy fuck has this season been a tough one to budge through. good god.

add to all that that one particular member of my family got fall-down drunk last night and i'm having a gay old time. ha! whatever, man. tonight it's all over. life enters the annual snooze fest. things get simple. yay for that.

merry fucking ho-ho-ho. turkey! tee hee! i'm not sure i've ever made my own butterball bird before. hmm!