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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Curiouser and curiouser, said the cat

Well, naturally, the people I interviewed with on Thursday liked me. They're suggesting there'll be another interview Friday, and went so far as to say a meeting with the accountant looms to see what kind of salaries they have the potential to offer. Suffice to say, this is all as clear as mud to me. Part of me thinks I have the job, but I'm not entirely clear on the matter. I'll know more this week. I do know, though, that only 3 people interviewed, including myself, so my odds are sufficiently higher than they might normally be.

It would be weird to get a job literally on Christmas Eve. Wouldn't that be incredible? I'd be a pretty giddy camper. Plus, I'd like knowing that I applied for only one job and then got it. That'd be a pretty wicked average and would make up for my abysmal job-hunting period last June.

I'm simply not accustomed to having to apply to more than three jobs when looking. My morale took a serious nosedive in July. Jesus.

In other exciting news, my fridge is empty and I'm heading into the arctic brr-rr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r to get a dead bird and other afinements from Granville Island. I'll freeze the poor bird for Christmas Eve because there is No Fucking Way I'm going down onto that island in the midst of Christmas insanity. No WAY.

Tonight I shall be wined and dined on the company bill. Christmas parties with them are always a good time, but this is the first year we're not doing a fancy-pants big restaurant do. And that's all right with me. Catering, et al, is just peachy. I'm frankly too tired and burned out this week to want to have to do the whole being-polite-and-getting-out-of-the-wait-staff's-way standard deal anyhow.

Hmm. Wow. Cool to hear from the potential job people, though. A job for Christmas, wow. That'd be a pretty goddamned storybook ending to what's been a hell of a year. So much anxiety and frustration has been the tune of this past year. I'm still thrilled with how I've come through it all, but honestly, wow. Every bit of me is ecstatic to be moving on.

A Christmas party tonight will be nice, but I'd be just as keen to sleep my day away, too. God knows I could use a 24-hour sleep right now. I can sleep late tomorrow. Haven't heard from the date guy, but I don't care too much -- telephone tag has been an ongoing game there and I'm sure we'll sort things out during the day. It'll be good to know just how hungover I am before making plans. Ha. :P

I gotta tell ya... this whole "christmas day to myself" thing is starting to look sexier and sexier. Sleep late, movie matinee. Ah, BLISS, baby. Yay. And boxing day and the 27th off, too. Thank god.